This page commemorates the amazing people who made KSU Men possible through generous donations, strong moral support, volunteer work or pertinent advising. All of the people named (or aliased) below have been part of a ongoing effort to put men’s rights activism in our universities, and therefore change the world for the better.

If you are supposed to be on this list, please email sgerard2@students.kennesaw.edu. Also contact that email if you would rather NOT be on this list, or would like to include an alias or a (safe!) link of your choosing.

  • A. Toth
  • Allen Hunter
  • Andre Friedli
  • Anonymous (Anonymous contributors may contact us at any time for inclusion)
  • Anthony Durl
  • Astrokid NJ
  • Austen Green
  • Berth Ljunggren
  • Boris Junker
  • Brendan Rex
  • Bryant Petersen
  • Christopher Thompson
  • Dan Bergen
  • Daniel Bergen
  • Dan Schmidt
  • Darren Chin
  • David Karpinski
  • Erik Schrauwen
  • Hass Herbert
  • Jeanna Falla
  • John Bostwick
  • Joseph W.
  • Keith R.
  • KSU Student Life
  • Logicteacher
  • Martin Paul Evison
  • MeanGene0069
  • Oldenvye6432
  • Paul Elam
  • Phillip J Nash
  • Ray Cotton
  • Red Pill Addict
  • Richard Westlake
  • Stacy Evans
  • Tom Costello
  • Toru Yuhara
  • Turbo
  • Vijay Rajan

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