Audit RAD for Men!

Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) systems is a self-defense network run primarily by cops serving different demographics. Each demographic is provided a different curriculum. RAD certifies instructors in three day courses, and provides armor so instructors can simulate attacks on female students.

Here’s a promo video from RAD at Virginia Tech.

Georgia Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Systems director Trudi Vaughan said the following about RAD for Men in the KSU Sentinel:

It focuses a lot on what your responsibilities are as a man […] When women say ‘no,’ it doesn’t mean ‘no until you talk me into it’; it means no. […] Typically males are raised to always stand up and fight […] The whole educational aspect of this is letting them know that it’s okay to make a better choice, a better decision.

What “responsibilities,” and why the finger-wagging?

KSUM is auditing RAD for Men, and has attended the course starting July 1st. We discovered that the event encourages young men to participate in protecting women such that they put themselves in harm’s way, which is not what self-defense is about.

For more details, see KSUM’s publication on RAD on A Voice For Men, and one of our latest reports on our research.

Change the name of the Women’s Resource Center!

The KSU Women’s Resource and Interpersonal Violence Prevention Center is said to serve all members of the KSU community, male or female. However, the name reflects a focus on women, and director Shameka Wilson says changing the name to something gender neutral was “one of her battles,” although she would not say who she was battling, or why there was even a battle.

Just like how a restroom marked “Women” will prevent most men from entering, most male victims of IPV will not approach the KSU Women’s Resource Center.

KSUM has approached Assistant Dean Dr. Bob Mattox to petition changing the name of the center to “Interpersonal Violence Prevention Center,” because that’s what it is. IPV is a human problem, not exclusively a woman’s problem.

As it stands right now, a men’s center may be implemented in one of the new buildings on the KSU campus in late 2015. In that case, the Women’s Resource Center will be separated from the IPV center.

Introduce men’s issues scholarship in Gender Studies!

Some important books that cover issues affecting men and boys
Some texts that cover issues affecting men and boys

KSU’s Gender Studies program (Course prefix: GWST) contains perspectives from feminist philosophy, the LGBT community and black masculinity. To complement existing literature, KSUM is approaching instructors on a door-to-door basis with current literature that discusses misandry (the hatred of men and boys) and gynocentrism (A bias that places women at the center of our understanding of gender).

Some example texts include the following:


3 thoughts on “Missions

  1. […] That said, there is a lot of missed work that has not been addressed, let alone questioned by feminist students. KSU RAD Systems is based on harmful preconceptions and is a risk for male students. The IPV center has gynocentric branding that makes it harder for male victims of IPV to know there i…. […]

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