Why Volunteer?

  • Volunteering makes you more skilled. What better way is there to become better at what you love than to practice?
  • Volunteering teaches you things you can’t learn in school. Reality is not in a textbook. Your experience as a volunteer teaches you timeless lessons that can be learned in no other way.
  • Volunteering is a cure for loneliness. Everyone here shares the same passions, so you will bond with similar spirits as equals.

Volunteering is a mutually beneficial opportunity for fun and empowering personal development. You can only grow.

How to Volunteer

If you like any of the positions shown below, won’t you contact us and tell us what you would like to do? We will walk you through what your chosen position entails and make sure you have everything you need.

Positions shown in red are officer positions. These positions boost your resume, and come with voting power, but you must be a KSU student to be eligible for those positions.

Digital media director

The digital media director manages KSUM social media on Facebook and Twitter, and answers any questions people might have about KSU Men online.

Administrative Correspondent

An Administrative Correspondent approaches KSU faculty and staff to discuss pressing issues, fosters KSUM’s relationship with KSU, and reports all activity to the Secretary.

Social Media Recruiter

A social media recruiter recruits KSU students through social media alone. This is an easy, accessible gig that helps both KSUM and KSU students greatly.


A recruiter increases the number of KSU students in membership with email invites, table events and face-to-face greetings. This position is best filled by a social butterfly that can get people excited about improving the KSU community.


Both students and non-students can have fun with this one. A blogger writes posts on this site to report news or share opinion pieces with the KSU community. If you have interesting stories to share, we would be happy to feature it here on the site.

Camera Operator

A camera operator films KSUM events and activism for journalistic or record-keeping purposes. A camcorder is available for use, so you do not have to bring your own equipment.


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