Many have the mistaken notion that men deserve no compassion. The truth is that men make up the majority of victims in homelessness, suicide, violent crime, and cultural neglect.

KSU Men cannot save the world, but we can make a difference through actionable missions.

Campus is where a young boy becomes an educated man, but many young men opt to withdraw instead. Graduation rates for men are dropping, while the drop-out rates are on the rise. With so much representation for women on campuses, and so much propaganda that vilify men, many men no longer feel welcome. What we do is important because it makes college a better place to develop self-owning, confident men who know their rights.

Donations helps pay for food, events and missions. Won’t you chip in at least $1 to help us be the representation men need for a better campus experience?

Donate to Kennesaw State University Men!



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