KSU Men is now Zen Men, and it has a new website!


KSU Men has been experiencing some major changes recently, and we are excited to tell you about the end result of our recent re-design efforts. Previously we announced KSUM’s new logo, but it turns out KSU is fussy about the use of the letters “KSU” for reasons that make sense only to U.S. IP attorneys. Don’t worry, no one is in trouble or anything, all this ended up being was an opportunity to transcend bureaucratic influences. KSU Men has been renamed Zen Men (ZM) to tie in with the new owl logo and to better illustrate our advocacy of self-ownership.

We are also very excited to announce that the official website of the organization has moved from ksumen.wordpress.com to ZenMen.org. ZenMen.org includes new features for activist collaboration:

If you want to see men’s rights activism at work and read pertinent news on campus advocacy, visit zenmen.org and peruse the tasty, tasty data. ksumen.wordpress.com will be left online for historical reasons, but will no longer be updated. I repeat, this is the last post on this particular blog. Go to zenmen.org from now on.

Also note that we are seeking hard-working volunteers to help drive this ship, so if you want to help, you can check out our open volunteer positions for both students and non-students. If you choose to support us, you would be helping turn men’s rights activism into a system on one of the 50 largest universities on the United States.

Thank you so much for helping us turn men’s rights into an academic institution.


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