KSUM Meetings Concluded for Fall

Hi all,

KSUM will still be working on administrative stuff between semesters, but public meetings have finished for the Fall semester. We will pick up again in January.

Thanks to everyone for an amazing semester. We’ve kicked a ton of ass!


2 thoughts on “KSUM Meetings Concluded for Fall

  1. Sage;
    Spring is coming. Not news, but one of the unfortunate things about it; the ugly tattoos come out.

    I’m very much a fan of transfer tattoos. They’re changeable.
    A museum rotates its art into and out of public display – why shouldn’t we?

    I like two versions of the AVFM logo, the VM and the “bloody” M.
    I like the new KSUM logo.
    Which of those would I display on my skin? All of them. On a rotating basis. That reduces visual clutter and eliminates viewer fatigue (when you stop seeing something – like an ad – because you’ve seen it so often).

    Someday there may be another logo I like just as well; I’ll add it to the series.
    Someday we may get gender equality. Not holding my breath….

    Hell of a lot better than carrying a placard, it’s a quiet insistence.

    What kind of copyright rules do I need to be aware of?

    On completion I can send you some to try out (and try on). You may or may not like them. Easy to change, easy to redesign.


    P. S.
    I can’t seem to get this out of my mind; “Walk a mile in his tattoos.” Not like carrying a placard for an hour (or a mattress). And the event isn’t over in an hour.

    • If you are seeking my permission to tattoo the KSUM logo onto yourself, then by all means! I’d love to see what comes out of it.

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