Agendas through OwlLife

KSUM Members, It’s time we stopped dragging our knuckles like a bunch of gorillas and enter modern civilization like the big black obelisk from the sky foretold.

KSUM members examining a blessing from the heavens
KSUM members examining a blessing from the heavens

There is a new form on OwlLife where you can add agenda items for discussion. The Secretary will keep track of submissions and add them to the agenda for the next meeting. When we exhaust agenda items during a meeting, we will basically do whatever we want until we adjourn.

To fill out the form, you must be logged into OwlLife as a KSU student. Go to KSUM’s page and click “Forms” on the left side. Once you are on the Forms page, click “Propose agenda item.”

ksum form for adding agenda item

You can propose anything, whether it be a discussion topic, a project update, or a request for funding for a project consistent with organizational business. There are some ground rules, though:

  • Just because you propose an agenda item does not mean it actually makes it onto the agenda. You need to propose an item that is relevant to organizational business. If your submission is approved, you will get an email notification.
  • Submit proposals at least 48 hours before the next meeting. If your submissions are really close to a meeting, they probably will not get reviewed until after that meeting.
  • Your submission being approved only means that we will discuss the subject, but there is no guarantee that some change will come about.

This is how we will organize our agendas from now on, so please make use of this tool.

Thank you for your attention.


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