Upcoming debate with Atheists United

Conversation erupting around KSUM information table
Conversation around KSUM information table

On Friday, October 24th 1:00 PM EST in the auditorium of the Social Science building, KSU Men and Atheists United will engage in a Socratic debate on the topic “Did Feminism Get it Wrong?” This controversial topic is bound to attract the attention of hundreds, and any students passionate about gender issues owe it to themselves to pursue the truth about how feminism has harmed men, boys, women and girls.

KSU Men is a marginalized voice on campus, but not for long. This debate will occur 8 days before the historic KSUM conference, which will open the dialogue for men’s issues on campus. This is a chance for all to speak, learn and grow, but only if we are willing to face hard truths.

KSU Social Science Building (Source: Wikipedia)
KSU Social Science Building (Source: Wikipedia)

When you enter the Social Science building from either of the sides shown in the picture above, go past the elevators and the venue will be on your left.

See you there.


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