Donate to Studio Brule’s visit to KSU!

Steve Brule is an extraordinarily talented videographer known for his quality footage of events hosted by the Canadian Association for Equality, and the violent protests initiated by feminist mobs. He wants to come down to KSU to continue his documentation of student body reactions to men’s issues advocacy on campus, but he needs your help to do it.

I met Steve Brule for the first time at the International Conference on Men’s Issues in Saint Claire Shores. He is a cordial, fair, professional human being with an eye for composition and a passion for advocacy. He rarely, if ever, gets the thanks he deserves for his tireless efforts to capture events that few have the courage to even acknowledge.

The footage Brule intends to capture will be included in a documentary on men’s issues on college campuses.

If you happen to have a few spare dollars lying around, please donate to his FundAnything page. Donors can earn rewards such as a DVD of the recorded footage complete with behind-the-scenes content, and their name in the credits.

Less than ten days remain in the campaign, but if everyone reading this donated just $5 an hour, the $2500 goal will be reached in less than one day.


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