Don’t be Stupid

Someone texted me that a rumor that KSUM was preparing to assault an event. The details of the text were vague. There was no mention of location, source of the rumor, what the event even is, or so on.

It would not surprise me if there was no evidence behind this rumor at all. It certainly is not the first thing people have made up in an attempt to childishly smear KSUM.

Still, a text like that prompts me to make a preemptive statement.

KSUM is, first and foremost, non-violent and consistent with principles of open discussion. We may take a strong stance as an organization, but we still welcome anyone and invite debate.

If I hear of people breaking our few, simple rules, they may lose their membership. And if I see proof that someone on campus is causing major trouble while claiming to be a part of KSUM, the first thing I will do is see if that person’s name is on our member roster.  If he or she is on the roster, they will be removed immediately. Also, if necessary, I will notify the campus police that some dumbass tried harming KSUM and other students. I will also issue a reprimand, and it will not be flattering to the troublemaker.

By all means, challenge ideas, be critical and be outspoken. But acting out in a harmful manner will result in KSUM ejecting the culprit.


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