Keep it Civil on KSU

This is a head’s up to all KSUM Conference attendees.

A KSU Student named Jessica Fisher has publicly announced her intention to protest the KSUM conference Male Students in Peril in a comment on The Sentinel.


I personally find a protest superfluous considering that everyone is invited to attend and participate in discussion, but protesters are welcome to exercise their First Amendment rights.

To everyone else, do note that engaging feminist protesters is not a good idea given that feminist protesters have a reputation of initiating violence and verbal abuse. Some examples can be viewed in the videos below, but this is by no means everything.

This is not to suggest that KSU protesters will be violent, but we cannot operate on the assumption that the protest will be peaceful.

Cameras may be onsite, particularly ones belonging to Studio Brule. If you are attacked by a protester, either run away or curl up into a ball to absorb any blows. Do NOT retaliate, because we live in a culture where self-defense, justified or not, will cause a media firestorm if a feminist and/or a woman is subject to violence of any kind. Instead, try to catch the attention of a cameraperson. You want to be on camera if someone is pursuing you, because in that case the assailant can be held accountable.

The fairness of the situation is irrelevant. Anyone caught performing any illegal activity will be led off campus in handcuffs.

I don’t care if I like you personally, or if you are a supporter of KSUM. Fuck up, and your name will end up on my shit-list and the next report to the local police.

Protesters may be out and about on campus, which with the exception of privately owned buildings, is a public venue with no reasonable expectation of privacy. It is highly recommended that you record everything with your smartphone, audio recorder, or any other device for your protection. It is well within your rights to record a public space. If someone has harassed you, please report the incident to public safety or your nearest officer. If you wish to publicize an incident in which someone conducts themselves in an illegal or highly questionable manner, you can send us any relevant footage and we will feed it to our media connections.

Gender is a hot topic that can rile people up, so note for the record that KSUM will automatically and immediately disassociate itself from any persons willing to go to war over ideas. We do not tolerate even so much as the ideation of violence or criminal activity in the name of any visceral reaction to a threat either real or perceived.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what your convictions are. There will be no babysitters in attendance.

If you cannot be civil about sensitive discussions on gender, do not come to Male Students in Peril.

Thank you for your kind attention.


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