Feeding the Hungry on KSU

KSUM members, KSU has a Feed the Future program on campus, which distributes food and other necessities to impoverished students. Homeless students are the majority of consumers for the program, according to the KSU C.A.R.E. center.

We will be donating whatever food and grocery bags we can find to Feed the Future for the upcoming Homeless Awareness Week event. If you would like to give a much needed helping hand to the poor students on campus, please review this list of C.A.R.E.’s needed items and bring boxes or bags of whatever you can spare to a KSUM meeting. We will stockpile all donations and deliver them to the center to make sure that the homeless and the poor have something to eat.

Note that the donations are NOT tax-deductible, and that the Feed the Future program will not accept expired food (even if its canned).

If you do not have boxes, you can ask your nearest grocery store if they have any boxes they are throwing out. Chances are very good you’ll walk out with more than enough boxes.

There is perfectly good food in many homes that no one ends up eating, so take this opportunity to clean out your pantry and give what you can to those who actually need the nourishment.

Thank you for making dark days bright.


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