Fall Election

November 10th is KSUM’s Fall Election. Students interested in applying for officer positions in KSUM should contact us to nominate themselves for a position. The available positions are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Digital media director and Administrative Correspondent.

If only one student requests a position and no student competes for that position by November 10th, then the student is appointed to the position. Otherwise, existing KSUM officers will vote on the nominees.

Being a KSUM officer is hard work, but the journey is fulfilling. Men’s rights advocacy is a new field ripe for exploration and personal development, meaning that these pioneer efforts can make a significant difference on both your resume and extracurricular experience.

If you are a human rights advocate looking for an adventure in gender politics, then join the KSUM team. You’ve never experienced anything like this before, you get to help people, and there is already a supportive community backing you both morally and, when necessary, financially. What’s not to like?


2 thoughts on “Fall Election

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