Incorrect message on ticket order notifications

KSUM Conference Attendees,

Those of you who got a free ticket may have seen this message on your ticket.

Please print and bring your tickets to the event entrance.

NOTE: If this is a free ticket, remember that not attending will
result in being charged full price for the ticket plus a $50

The note is a mistake on account of a mis-communication inside KSUM. Not attending only means that your ticket will become available for someone else.

This was from a bygone strategy when we were going to try to sell tickets without using a fundraiser, and we needed a way to protect KSUM from no-shows that swiped free tickets given away during a short promotional period. But after we changed things up and went for a fundraiser, that old message never got removed even though it should have been.

So relax, there is no penalty for non-attendance. The message has been corrected for all future tickets. Those of you who already have tickets do not need to do anything.

We apologize for any confusion.


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