Feminism as a Brand

By Sage Gerard

Saying that feminism will liberate women everywhere is like saying that Taco Bell will end world hunger.

Both statements need to be substantiated at great expense, but even then one wonders if a better service is available.

Feminism is understood to be a set of ideologies that extend from a gender egalitarian sentiment. The obvious hypocrisy of gynocentrism in the core of feminism aside, an informed activist would do well to view feminism both in terms of its reputation and its institution.

For the purposes of this article, I assume that an ideology has a reputation and a set of governing powers that enable some level of physical, socioeconomic and political control over the behavior of systems and people. I informally refer to the sum total of these powers as an institution for illustrative purposes.

Few feminists defend feminism’s reputation by correcting the institution. Instead, most are content to defend feminism’s reputation without substantiating claims with actions that contribute to an equitable civilization.

Feminism, like other ideologies I could mention, is a bunch of firefighters boasting the features of their fire engine while a city burns.

What makes being an activist so psychologically taxing is that you have watch people burning along with their buildings admiring the useless firefighters. A useful firefighting activist would try to evacuate the city. Sadly, we live in a world where those efforts bring not thanks, but accusations of hating firefighters from barbecued mouths. Meanwhile, the firefighters approach the human-shaped bundles of pain to ask for money to support Waterism’s efforts to put out fires. And those firefighters get paid.

Let’s come back to a discussion on feminism in particular. How does feminism sustain a wonderful reputation despite the fact it is composed largely of violent psychopaths, hysterical crusaders, obsequious men, and insufferable pundits?

The answer is that feminism is a marvel of marketing that salespeople want to emulate. Through sheer repetition of talking points, sabotaged scholarship, and relentless censorship, feminism has successfully conditioned people into habitual thinking. Just as a magnate exploits human beings as creatures of habit, a dogma exploits heuristic thought.

Even if it seems against all logic, people will tolerate a shoddy service with a bountiful brand. Maybe this is because many confuse believing in something with accomplishing something? After hearing the insufferable sound of applause on talk shows hosted by inoperative pundits, I cringe when a talking head says something like “let’s start an equalist movement,” as if they have a plan to accompany the dumb nominalization. Even if I agree with the sentiment, I find that those kind of statements are made solely by politicians, not activists.

Feminism brands itself as a movement of equality, liberty, security, wonder, diversity, love, or whatever else makes the gullible  buy in both financially and mentally. And what makes feminism so remarkable is how it managed to lead people to not question the service.

For those of you reading this, take the time to distinguish between feminism as a brand and feminism as an institution, and ask yourself which is more representative of the effectiveness of the movement.

Is feminism the way to gender equity, or are there other humanitarian perspectives we have yet to harness? More importantly, will they actually lead to change?


3 thoughts on “Feminism as a Brand

  1. You sound like a 5th grader with a thesaurus. The fact that you can’t seem to wrap your head around the idea of equality is weird and disheartening.

    You’re a part of the “in-group” in society, how exactly do you know what it’s like to be oppressed? It’s almost as if you’re scared of the idea that others would have the same opportunities as you.

    This isn’t a men’s rights group, it’s a hate group. You don’t talk about the problems facing rape when it comes to men, feminist do. You don’t promote anything about men’s health issues. You simply are here to antagonize women and anyone who disagrees with you. This isn’t a club it’s a creepy following of overly entitled men who need to educate themselves.

    • *sigh*, yeah, yeah. I’m a privilege-blind white cis-shitlord with no conception of equality. Keep droning, I’ve heard it all before.

      The people who actually believe that “hate group” nonsense never came to a KSUM meeting. Meanwhile, I am currently organizing participation in Homeless Awareness Week, advocating for a gender equitable self-defense course that does not vilify men, while still protecting the interests of both men and women as basic human beings, and preparing a platform for humanitarians who no longer feel safe discussing gender openly and honestly around a tyrannical institution of gynocentrism and misandry.

      But fuck that, because I criticized feminism. Because feminism can never be wrong about anything, ever, right?

      Case in point: what have you done, exactly? So far, I’m seeing someone who bitches, moans and makes serious personal accusations because I don’t include feminism as part of this complete breakfast.

      Your accusations are demonstrably false, but you don’t care. You have already made up your mind like a good little robot, because I disagree with your stupid church and the awful things it does in the shifting name of “Equality,” Your Lord thy God.

      Feminist protesters in Argentina sexually abusing men? Nah, who cares. That’s the fringe. National Organization for Women opposes shared parenting based on assumption men are violent? Well, duh, of course men are violent. Men can be victims of sexism? Nah, they’re in an “in-group,” so they don’t count.

      Men’s rights activists calling bullshit? OHMIGOD VICTIM-BLAMING HATE GROUP LOLOLZ.

      Never mind that KSUM has both men and women as members on the roster. Why don’t you ask them if they feel antagonized?

      When you grow up and learn to accept ideas different than your own (you know, like a feminist always says (s)he does), maybe I will view you like someone who actually has a point.

      Until then, enjoy your time on my growing list of people to never take seriously.

    • If you think this:

      —>You’re a part of the “in-group” in society, how exactly do you know what it’s like to be oppressed?<—

      How can you believe that ANY men's rights group would be legitimate?

      Also one of the ways of generating hatred is to cast another group as privileged.

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