RSVP for Male Students in Peril

Male Students in Peril is a conference on educational equity that will take place in the Student Center of Kennesaw State University on November 1st at 3:00 PM. The conference has been independently funded, and tickets are sold on a pay-what-you-want basis. Seats are limited, and those who donated to the fundraiser have been given priority access to tickets. Donors can expect to see an email regarding their ticket within the next few weeks.

Starting August 1st, go to Eventbrite and grab your ticket.

Note that the ticket is a revocable license to attend and get a seat. Kennesaw State University Men reserves the right to revoke a ticket for any reason, particularly if we have evidence showing that an attendee is disruptive, dangerous or otherwise detrimental to the event. It is in everyone’s best interests if everyone gets a fair shot at a ticket and a pleasant experience, so ticket hoarders, psychos and other nasty characters will be promptly and gleefully ejected.

In the event all of our tickets are taken, future interested parties will be put on a wait list, and will be notified if another ticket becomes available.

Tickets will also be available at the door.  Once the event has been ongoing for thirty minutes, if you are not present, your ticket and seat will become available to the next person who asks.

The fundraiser is still ongoing, so we still need your help to reach our goal to fund the event with the original speaker lineup. If the goal is not reached, the event will scale down to fewer speakers and a shorter time. If the goal is exceeded, we will make room for more time and more speakers.

You decide how big our splash will be.

We’re also asking a minimum recommended donation of $5 per ticket to go to KSUM operations, which can still include conference preparations.

Thank you all very much, and we will see you in Kennesaw to put men’s rights in school!


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