SGA Spring Block Party

KSUM will be at the SGA Spring Block Party on the Campus Green this Thursday, March 27th, starting at 10 AM, with a camcorder at the ready. The timing is wonderful because the next meeting is on March 28th.

We will educate passerby on the lies and hatred spread by gynocentrism and misandry, and crowbar open unexplored avenues for discussions and local activism. We will also be discussing the ideas behind the emerging anti-feminist movement, so ruffled feathers are to be expected considering that KSU is at least 60% female. If you are interested in the complete story on gender issues and about issues on your campus, stop by our table and chat with us. We will happily show you the problems faced by men and boys, complete with numbers. We will also spell out specific steps towards practical, reasonable solutions that are respectful to the rights of everyone.

If you like what you hear and want to help out in our quest to put an end to misandry, we are seeking additional officers. Officers get a vote in meetings for KSUM administration and access to funding for small-scale men’s rights activism projects.


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