KSUM Looking for Officers

Kennesaw State University Men graphic

KSU Men is looking for volunteer officers! We offer a relaxed gig and free food. Specifically, we want to find a Treasurer and a Vice President to help manage group operations. Officer meetings are held once a month as a Google Hangout or a face-to-face meeting (we decide each time). Candidates must be students of Kennesaw State University.

School and work take up a lot of time, so we will keep things easy. Officers only need to  attend one hour KSUM meetings twice a month (one officer meeting, one member meeting). The officer meeting and all other correspondence may take place online.

Good candidates are committed leaders that habitually work towards the betterment of the community. By joining, you will help build a better campus experience through peaceful, positive activism. You will also gain valuable experience in community organization, leadership and human rights advocacy. Food will be available, so you will not go hungry.

If you want to volunteer, contact Sage Gerard at sgerard2@students.kennesaw.edu for an interview.


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